So the other day I called Chuck’s to ask about the possibility of reviewing security tapes. The GM said that they don’t have security cameras because “some people don’t want to be on camera and it makes them uncomfortable.” WTF? I would think somewhere like that where 1) Alcohol is served, 2) Lots of money sits around, and 3) they serve somewhat well-to-do customers  would want something like that for protection. Just because some shady person doesn’t want to be caught on camera cheating on his/her spouse doesn’t mean that the rest of us should be unsafe. What if somebody had something slipped in her drink? What if there were a fight? That’s the kind of thing you need on camera.

Basically, I’ll never get my money back. I’ve accepted it. I’m also never going back there, and I’m telling everybody I know about the incident as well, though they can make the decision for themselves. Regardless of whether it’s an employee or a customer, a business has an obligation to its patrons to ensure a safe environment. Those that choose not to take these precautions do not need to be in business. End of story.