I called the police this morning and an officer came here (at work) to file a report. He advised me that even though the asshole…excuse me, thief…left my credit cards, debit card and driver’s license, there’s a chance he could have copied down the numbers to order things online or get new cards issued. Once he left, I got on the phone and called about my cards. I had fraud alerts put on both my credit cards, and they cancelled my cards and will be issuing new ones. I called my credit union’s card center, but they aren’t authorized to cancel debit cards, so I’ll have to wait until they open tomorrow and take care of that. Sigh…

I have to say that the officer was very nice and compassionate. Definitely a credit to his profession, and I don’t begrudge any of my tax dollars to keep people like that around. I’m really hoping that they catch the guy. The officer suggested that maybe the bartender was in on it. I wish the managers had thought to talk to her before we left. She easily could have taken the wallet, grabbed the cash, and then handed it off to a male employee to stash in the bathroom. There’s a possibility that Chuck’s has security cameras, so maybe they can review the tapes and discover who did it. It would only help them in the long run, seeing as how incidents like mine hurt their business and good reputation. As it stands now, you couldn’t pay me to step foot in there, and I strongly advise anybody around here to avoid going there, especially in the evenings, until this case gets solved. It’s only a matter of time before the perp gets bold enough to start stealing “real money” (i.e. credit cards).

Needless to say, I’m no longer using that purse or wallet. Too many bad associations.