Thanks to those who offered condolences. Even though I haven’t lived at home since 2001, Oliver was still a part of my life. Every time I would go home, one of the first things I would do was to go look for him (he liked to hide during the day, either in my dad’s closet or under his bed). He was a gentle kitty and never hurt a fly. When I was 16 he got really sick and we were convinced that we would lose him. We kept him in my parents’ bathroom so that he could be isolated and not have to deal w/ the dogs and Pitter. I would go in there after school and stay in there for hours holding him because I wanted every second I could have with him. Thankfully, he recovered and lived another 8 years.

It’s hard  because Scott’s cat Applejack looks just like him. Identical, even in the fur markings. They act nothing alike (Nappy has a mischevious streak and likes to battle with a dog 6x his size), but seeing him makes me even sadder.