Four day  weeks are the way to go. Seriously. I’d almost be inclined to work 8-6 four days a week in order to have Fridays (or Mondays) off. There hasn’t been much to do here since my boss was out until yesterday afternoon. I caught up on some stuff and played around. Left early (worked through lunch, so it’s not like I was shortchanging anybody) and was home by 4:30. Last night I stayed out until almost midnight, so I rolled in a little late this morning. Not really a big deal, since nobody was around.

We’re getting a lot of wedding related stuff done, and it’s actually been fun. Our save-the-date cards came in yesterday, so this weekend will be spent addressing those to mail out next week. I’m going to Office Depot later on today to find cardstock that matches the cards to print up hotel info on so that people can go ahead and make hotel reservations.

I just want it to be 3:45 already so I can leave.