Even though I had a full 10 days off for the holidays, I really needed this long weekend. Yesterday I met up w/ my friend Rashmee, who just got back from Argentina on Friday. She had been living there since last year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and was working on a master’s at a university in Buenos Aires. I had really missed her and while we were hanging out I caught myself almost tearing up because I was so happy that she was back. The first few months she was gone, I would find myself about to dial her number when I was in Bham to ask her if she wanted to get dinner or coffee. Then I’d catch myself and realize that she wasn’t IN B’ham. She may or may not go back to Argentina, depending on a few different factors.

We went shopping after lunch yesterday at Old Navy since they were having a sale. Here’s what I got: 2 button up shirts (work friendly), a pair of pinstripe pants (I managed to find a size 4 short…yay!), a pair of black workout/lounge pants, and a scarf for Scott. Total: $28.66 I think I did pretty well. I try not to go shopping, but those deals were too good to pass up, and I actually did get stuff I need (and the scarf for Scott was less than $2.00, so I can’t really feel guilty).

Today is kind of lazy other than some random laundry and maybe cleaning. I will definitely work out sometime today since I didn’t work out yesterday. So far I feel like it will be possible for me to work out at least 4 days a week, maybe 5. We definitely won’t be cooking anything since we’ve made pasta, paella and a HUGE (OMFG, huge!!!!) pot of jumbalaya. We made it last night before the Saints game and even after Scott had 3 bowls and I had one big bowl, it still took 3 large plastic containers for all the leftovers. (

: remember that tall Revere pot that mom used to boil spaghetti in? That’s the pot we used, and it was about 80% full.) Luckily it was amazing, because it would suck to have that much crappy leftovers.