I honestly felt like I got a lot out of this weekend and I wasn’t dreading work as much as I normally do. We cleaned the carpets and the furniture, cleaned all of the other floors in the house, organized and rearranged the den, got some laundry done and did some wedding related stuff (picked out invites and save-the-dates). This morning I was up 10 minutes before the alarm, got ready quickly to drop Brubeck off at the vet (fleas are out of control) and then got to work 15 minutes early. I’m taking care of other stuff here before my boss rolls in.

I even fit in a workout last night. I thought the Rec was open ’til 9, so I was going to go around 7:30 or so. I called at 6:00 and found out they were closing in an hour. I got over there and fit in a 30 minute workout and left right before they closed. I could have easily just not gone and justified it, but I went. I’m dreading the next few weeks because it will be packed. Luckily it’ll taper off before February and things will be calm again, except from 5-7.