Ok, so I’ve had way more holiday celebration than is necessary and proper for a decent human being. I guess that explains it. Sigh…

I had no fewer than 8 celebrations this year. EIGHT, dammit. I’ll start from the beginning.

  • December 2- Christmas w/ my mom (fun)
  • December 8-College of Education party (definitely NOT fun)
  • December 13-Faculty/staff holiday luncheon (sooo not fun)
  • December 16-Christmas w/ my mom’s side of the family (I’ll remain neutral on this one)
  • December 17-Christmas w/ my dad (very fun)
  • December 19-Law School Christmas party (not only un-fun, but not a damn thing for us to eat)
  • December 20-Staff luncheon (fun, but only if you exclude my crazy co-worker who mumbles to herself)
  • December 25-Christmas w/ Scott’s family (very fun)

And here’s what I got when it was all done and over with:

  • $100 Visa gift card (Dad)
  • $550 in cash (various people)
  • Strand of pearls (Scott’s mom)
  • BBW stuff (Scott’s mom)
  • Mr. Bento kit (Scott)
  • Champagne flutes (Nana)
  • Pajamas (Aunt Sharon)
  • Tetsubin teapot (Mom)
  • Glass canister set (Sister)
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD (sister)
  • $50 Dillard’s gift card (Scott’s brother)
  • Burberry Brit perfume (Mom)
  • 512 MB flash drive (Dad)
  • Handknit afghan (Aunt Peggy)
  • Vera Bradley Java Blue Villager (Scott…I really wanted it!!)

I got a lot of awesome stuff and it was all stuff I wanted/needed. We got back home last night and I was so glad to be back. Now I’m trying to get stuff around here straightened up before I have to be back at work (on the 2nd). It was great to have such a long break.