Is it bad to say that I’m already tired of Christmas and it’s still a week away? Bad Heather. This particular weekend was Christmas at Granny’s w/ mom’s side of the family and then w/ my dad. At Granny’s we were supposed to have not been exchanging presents (just bring somethingfor Granny and my cousin’s 5 y.o. stepson, since he doesn’t understand the concept of “no gifts” yet), but everybody brought gifts to exchange. Fuck. I did get a little something for Granny, my grandmother,and psycho aunt, but nothing for my uncle, my cousins and my great-aunts. I felt so bad. I wish my mom wouldn’t tell me shit that wasn’t true, because it made me look bad. And feel bad. My great-aunt Peggy made these awesome crocheted afghans that were all different designs and colors and let each of us pick one. Mine is super-thick w/ purple, white and lavender stripes. I wish I were crafty like that. I got some other nice stuff, including a couple gifts from our Target registry. Our first gifts! I’m sort of conflicted because etiquette dictates that you can’t use wedding gifts until after the wedding, but these technically aren’t wedding gifts since they are Christmas gifts, even if they did come off of our registry. Sigh.

I went to a party Saturday night w/ my sister. We are very, very different. That’s all I’m sayin’.

My dad gave me a Visa gift card and a 512 MB jump drive. Sweeeet. I guess sometime soon I should go shopping w/ all the money and gift cards that I have. It’s looking like that won’t happen this week (tonight, do laundry, watch Lost; Tuesday, two holiday parties to go to; Wednesday,dinner and a movie at our friend Stu’s house in Birmingham; Thursday,pack for Missouri; Friday,leave for Missouri). Maybe while we’re up in Columbia we can go shopping, since there’s not a whole lot else to do.

I may take vacay sometime this week because I just don’t feel like being here.