I like the part of my job I’m paid to do, but the people I work for that don’t pay me are on my last damn nerve. My “other boss” is a shithead. No other word. He was on my ass all last week to get him travel stuff in from a trip he took over 2 months ago. What the hell?! Why didn’t he address this sooner? He said “You’ll need to include my registration on this one,” and so I asked him for a receipt. He said he didn’t have one and to call some random person at some organization. No phone number. Gee, thanks. I call her twice last week and didn’t get a call back, so I processed everything sans the registration. I told him whenever he got the receipt he could claim it on his taxes.

So she called back today. He never registered for that fucking conference. So he lied and gave me shit about something that was actually his problem. Not only that, but the envelope of receipts from the other trip that I had to process for reimbursement was full of bar tabs. Good luck getting the University to pay for those. I think he has a drinking problem. And he apparently was buying drinks for other people. Either that or he had 4 drinks in an hour. In either case, I know more than I wanted to know.

I may look to be a grad assistant next academic year so I don’t have to deal w/ his annoying ass any longer than I have to.