So here’s the story. I’m posting it not only for those who asked, but also for posterity’s sake (as if I’d forget, but you know…).

I got home yesterday a little early and decided that I would go ahead and start dinner because I wanted to eat something that needed to cook down for awhile. I started up around 4:30/5:00 and Scott got home a little after 5:00. He asked if he could go hop in the shower before helping me and I said that it was OK and off he went. I was doing my thing and he came back in around 5:25 and was hanging out by the stove. He told me about how he was thinking of our first date on the drive home. Then he said, “Do you remember how I asked if I could kiss you?” and I said, “Yeah. You said that you had been wanting to kiss me all night and then you asked my permission. That was so cute!” He said, “Well, I’ve been wanting to propose to you all day. Will you marry me?” Down on one knee and everything. He said he was going to do it this weekend in Chicago but just couldn’t wait until then. I think it was perfect because it was so very unexpected.

Obviously I said yes and was a bit of mess for a minute or so (we both were). Then we proceeded to call everyone. It was a really awesome night. We have a lot to start working on in the next few months. We haven’t officially discussed anything with anybody yet, but we’re thinking May. I will definitely keep everyone posted!

Sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!