I am astounded at how fast the day went by. I woke up at 7:15 and now I look and it’s 5:41. It’s been an overall fun day. I went to this spa demonstration thing over at one of my favorite coffee shops (that’s usually closed on Sunday, but they opened up for her to do her spa day and to get some renovation work done. I came out w/ a tube of sunscreen and a sweet bag of samples. I’ve been home reading (even though classes don’t crank up for almost 2 weeks) and just trying to relax. This weekend felt all too short.

Tomorrow is my counseling appointment and to be honest I’m sort of nervous because I just don’t even know where to start if they ask something like “So what’s going on/why are you here?” I’m also afraid that I’ll just break down into some snivelling mess and not get anything out of it. How smart I am to schedule it when I have to be back at work right afterwards. Duh.