Another Monday, another week. Bleh.

I went to my dad’s this weekend. Lots o’ fun, including a trip up to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery (yes, really). It’s in historic Lynchburg and I had been a couple times as a kid. They’ve done a lot of improvement on the grounds, which in some ways seems to detract from the rustic charm of the place, and Lynchburg is totally tacky now. Sigh. Things just aren’t what they used to be. We ate at the A&W in Huntsville on the way home and then swung by Target before I headed back to Tuscaloosa.

I’m really not in the mood to deal w/ anyone today. I just want to shut and lock my door and get my shit done and go home. I think we’re going to B’ham tonight to buy a wedding gift for some friends of ours who got married a month ago.

Fun-size Heath Bars and hibiscus tea are all I need for happiness, at least today.