1. This whole tax holiday thing is for the birds. You are an IDIOT if you waited until the weekend before school starts to go school shopping for your kids. Nevermind that all those nice sale prices from a couple weeks ago are gone, so in the end, you aren’t saving anything. Also, the restrictions are interesting, to say the least, especially on book prices. Good luck finding any textbook between $30-50. I’ll be rolling over to half.com, thanks. I also really get a snicker out of these people saying “Those of you without kids need to just stay home so that those of us who need it can go shopping in peace.” Who designated you ruler of all? Seriously. I’ll go shopping when and if I damn well please.
  2. I am going to call around on Monday and start going to counseling. I’m starting to take out my issues on people/things who don’t deserve that and my problems are no one else’s problems.  I also feel like I’m not dealing with other people very well.
  3. I’ve started looking around at cars. I’m not really looking to buy right now, but sometime in the next year, especially if I get another raise. I’m looking at the Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic, and the Hyundai Santa Fe. I’d prefer pre-owned, just ’cause it’s cheaper. If anyone has any suggestions/advice do let me know. I’m sort of wavering between leasing and purchasing, only because the cheaper car payment of a lease appeals to me, and I would likely drive a car I purchased until the wheels ran square, so I wouldn’t get much in the way of trade-in. I’ve heard leasing can be a bad move. I don’t know enough right now to decide.
  4. The whole overpriced condo trend in Tuscaloosa has reached new heights of stupidity. Over on 8th Street there is a condo development going up that is $200K+ per condo. Nevermind that the whole area is totally run down and smells like a not-so-subtle combination of hot ass and garbage. (I know this because I bike through there every day on my way to work.) If I’m paying that much for an 800 square foot condo in Tuscaloosa, my street should smell nice, dangit.  I’m really curious how it is that our state is so poor yet there are obviously many people who can afford these ridiculous units for their college-age kids.