I really hate being bored at work. One of my long time friends once said that smart people should never be bored, and to an extent I agree with him. However, at work your ability to do certain things is limited, and even browsing around on the internet isn’t all that great because of the expectation that any second you will be called to go do something else. Not to mention my activities are monitored, so I certainly have to be careful about what type of sites I browse (not that I would go to porn sites or anything, but you know…). At least if I were at home I would have plenty to do (i.e. laundry, since I’m running dangerously low on work clothes) and I would have the option of going somewhere if I so chose. Not to mention that IF my boss comes in, he’s usually not here before 11, so I spend all of the first half of the day and most of the second half bored out of my mind.

Last night I went with Scott over to Wilhagen’s to play poker, which is something I rarely do among friends and never in public. Scott didn’t play, just read the paper (we were invited by a student of his) and came by to say hi every now and then. I managed to stay in for about an hour and a half, finally going out when I had an ace and a king and the other guy had two kings.  Bah. Luckily there’s no buy-in, so I wasn’t out anything but time. The secondhand smoke was really getting to me and today I feel less than ideal. My bike ride into work was a bit tougher than usual.

I think I may go off and get me some coffee or something, since there isn’t anything else keeping me here right now.