I am finally done with stats. Both classes. I really couldn’t be happier, even if it looks like I may need to retake one of the classes since I didn’t get a very good grade. Considering my grade was determined by two assignments and on one of the assignments I couldn’t get my questions answered, I can’t really blame myself too much for that. In my other class I have a B, so while it’s not my ideal outcome, at least I don’t have to take the ANOVA class again. I gave her really poor ratings, as I’m sure a few other people will since she never answered people’s questions in time. I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay out of pocket for the class (work paid my tuition for the whole summer).

Other Boss is really pissing me off this morning. He sent me three e-mails, one of which was to get me to come by his office this afternoon to discuss, among other things, my moving offices. Uh, hello…I thought this was already resolved and that I wasn’t moving. I think he’s trying to pull something out of his sleeve and he has messed with the wrong person. I hope my real boss gets here soon so that he can put a stop to this crap once and for all. He also wanted to discuss getting me a work study student. Riiiiight…when you start paying part of my salary, then maybe we’ll talk about that. Seriously, how much sense does it make to pay someone to help me with my work that you’re not paying me to do?! I’m sure he means well but he is just so off base it’s ridiculous.