I finally found some shoes. I played around on Amazon and found these shoes, which were an amazing deal and basically what I was looking for. I just hope they’re as comfortable as people say they are, as I will need something that can hold up to a good bit of walking, what with work and my upcoming trip to Chicago (that is one place you NEED good shoes). I was happy because I ended up paying about half what I was willing to pay.

Scott and I just joined up w/ Grow Alabama, which is an organic farmer’s co-op based out of Bham. They deliver to Northport and we’ll get veggies every other week. I think it’s great because it helps bring business to Alabama farmers rather than corporate farms in places like California. Another cool thing about the program is that the farmers are all organic or they are moving towards all organic, so definitely a good thing there. This week we’re getting, among other things, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, and peaches. Yay! I anticipate a peach cobbler and some fried eggplant in my very near future. If you eat a lot of veggies (and you should!) it’s a good deal, although it seems kind of pricey at first. Hopefully as they add more customers they’ll go down on the prices a bit. They also have kosher/halal/free-range meats and I think eggs and milk, too.

Just a couple more hours before I sail on out. Wooo hooo!