So this online stats course that I just finished has a discussion component (not mandatory, but encouraged). It’s basically a bulletin board where you can post questions or answers to others’ questions (“Yeah, that’s what I got” or “Run the such-and-such test and then check out the p-value” and crap like that). There was this one woman in my class that was either:
1) Crazy
2) On crack
3) Both

Case in point: There were 397 posts in the “Assignments” forum. I counted 78 that were NOT made by her. On one particular day, between 8:17 AM and 9:32 AM she made ELEVEN posts in a row (as in consecutive, with no one else responding). She starts up every single day at around 8 and most of her posts are never later than 6 or 7 in the evening. Hey, I understand wanting to do well in a class, but she is just too much.

I maybe posted fewer than 10 times.

I so don’t understand people like her.

ETA: Homegirl MUST be on crack…I did some Googling and found her resume…I’ve never EVER seen something like this (copied directly):

Doctorate, Expected 2010

· Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Expected 2007

· Doctor of Philosophy, Instructional Technology, Expected 2007

· Master of Science in Human Development, Expected 2007

· Master of Arts in Educational Psychology, Expected 2006

· Masters level certification in Early Childhood Special Education, Expected 2005