I am done with my Analysis of Regression course! Hell yeah! This week I will wrap up my ANOVA class and then never, ever, ever take another stats class. Well, at least not one taught online by this particular prof. Not a positive experience, despite the fact that I’ve been successful in past online math courses.

I went shopping today to try to score some comfy brown sandals (something fairly flat, cute/work appropriate and that can withstand a lot of walking) and came up completely empty handed despite going to Parisian, Target, Steinmart and Shoe Carnival. If anyone has any ideas, do let me know. In the meanwhile I bought a 12 pack of white washcloths for $2.49, a scarf for $1.97 and a cute black crocheted shrug for $5.97. I also went by the pet store to buy my baby a new rawhide and some treats. That dog is so freaking spoiled.

On Friday I found out that I am getting a 5% raise effective the beginning of the school year (basically, next month). That will be so freaking sweet, even if it doesn’t translate into much.  Maybe I can see about getting another raise or something like that in the near future.