So earlier I said I didn’t hate my job? Well, I don’t, at least not the part of my job that I’m PAID to do. I work for three public service programs in the College of Ed. Two of them are paying my salary; one is not (yet…whole other story). Which one do you think pisses me off most and is most demanding/hard to get along with? Yep.

Here’s a lovely list (since that’s how I operate) of the shit I have put up with them since I started working in mid-April.

  • Being made to go get 4 coffees from somewhere in another building and being handed $5 in order to pay for them.
  • Having to stay 30 or 45 minutes late to finish something that could have been done days earlier if they would have just returned a simple e-mail.
  • Listening to people complain and gossip about people who I feel are doing their jobs just fine. And a lot of the stuff I’m hearing is so not my business (including stuff about our dean)
  • Having to listen to them use obscenities quite regularly in daily conversation. I would hope that by the Ph.D. level one would broaden in vocabulary. Obviously not.
  • Being told on a number of occasions that I will be moving over to Room ____ in Carmichael…wait, no…oh, yeah you are…maybe…later…oh, next week…next year. Enough already!
  • Being talked about/to like I’m five years old
  • Forced to do mundane computer tasks that I think Brubeck could do because someone doesn’t know how to do them (I’m talking how to burn a file to a CD here…not rocket science).
  • Being forced to listen to my other boss gripe and moan about how hard he has it, then making me walk with him another 2 blocks out of my way to his car, then he takes off and leaves me to walk back to my car in 100+ degree heat and in heels (after I made it clear that I really had to get back soon)
  • Having to take his calls when he’s “too busy” to take calls, when NO ONE in my department has ever done that. No one is too important to take their own calls.

OK, so after all that I’m pissed. The straw breaking the camel’s back was when I was asked to make a ton of copies for a class of his, which is well outside of my job description since it was for a class, meaning the departmental secretaries should take care of that. I did it anyways, but then asked my supervisor about it and she said that he was waaay out of line and to send out an e-mail directing them to take their copying work to the departmental secretary and not me. That went over like poop in a punchbowl. I got an e-mail from the director of research (my boss’ minion and lapdog) telling me that I shouldn’t have done that and that I could have handled the situation so much better, etc. etc. I forwarded that to my supervisor and let’s just say she’s going to nip that one in the bud. All the departmental secretaries HATE the people in the program because they’re arrogant, demanding and rude. I’m just waiting for it to hit the fan.

Oh, and I dare him to say the least bit of anything nasty to me…there’s a lot of people who would like to see him gone.