I finally got my bike! I’ll post a pic later, but it is so pretty. Scott and I went riding last night up around Riverside Park then we went home to grab some money and we biked over to a new coffeeshop downtown. It was really hot and I was smelly, but it was so rewarding. Figuring out how to use my gears and build momentum to climb some pretty big hills made me feel like I knew what I was doing. My ass is kind of sore today (I think I don’t have enough cushion) but other than that I’m ok. I went to yoga the other day and somehow hurt my left tricep so I’m still kind of getting over that. I need to get back in shape. Once the whole bike thing starts working out for me I may start riding it to work, especially when it cools off. The mornings aren’t so bad, it’s the afternoons that suck. That way I could save a lot of $$ on gas and insurance (you get a huge markdown if you’re not driving in to work every day….less driving, less risk).

I finally installed iTunes on my computer here at work so now I can listen to my music, which is so nice. I haven’t had any real work to do yet today, so I’m just kind of chilling. It’s nice. I may not get paid much, but at least I don’t hate my job.