I will step up and say to one and all this: Do NOT go to Tuscaloosa Opthamology/Riverside Optical. Don’t do it. (Wouldn’t be prudent…lol) I was treated so freaking poorly and I am angry. Literally, angry. I had an appt at 7:45 this morning since I have to be at work at 8 and wanted to miss as little work as possible. My exam a couple weeks ago wasn’t pleasant and I didn’t get fitted for contacts, so I had to come back to do that today. Everywhere else I’ve been it’s done all at once, but this place seriously does NOT have its act together. I got called back after waiting about 5 minutes, then went to the optical side to put in the contacts, then back over to the opthamology side to have the nurse look at my contacts, then I got stuck in an exam room for over half an hour w/ no one coming in to let me know what the hell was going on. FINALLY….the dr. comes in at 8:47 and spends maybe 4 minutes with me. Then, as if I couldn’t be pissed off enough already, the receptionist was very rude to me. She was condescending and treated me like I was not only 5 years old, but also a complete idiot. She told me that there was a $29 fee for the contact fitting, but I had been told that I wouldn’t have to pay anything. She looked at me like I had just thrown up on her desk or something. She said, “Well…I’ll just send this to our billing department.”

I didn’t get into work until nearly 9:30. It makes me mad when I’m late because of other people, especially when I’m careful to be punctual at all costs. I seriously feel like customer service has gone waaaaaaaaaay down in quality in my lifetime. At the risk of sounding like an old lady (I AM in my mid-20s, after all…) people just aren’t nice like they used to be. I remember salespeople/receptionists/persons in the service industry being so much nicer and more competent. Aw, well.