Today has been not anything like I imagined, given that I haven’t been in since Thursday afternoon and my boss hasn’t been in since the 7th. He’s pretty much left me alone. My other boss took me out to lunch as a late birthday lunch, which was so nice. I brought a hunk of my mucho yummy birthday cake into the office to share and apparently people are enjoying it, as there’s not much left. Scott got me a chocolate cake from the German bakery downtown and dude…it didn’t disappoint. So yummy, but yet so light. My b’day gift from him was a brand new bike click here for a pic. He had to order it since the bike shop downtown doesn’t carry much in the way of women’s bikes (sexist!) but it should be in soon.  My mom got me a nice nightgown, a candle and some decorative pillow. My aunt got me pajamas. My dad gave me money (best gift ever, as far as I’m concerned) and I think my sister is mailing me something (which is fine by me, because it only prolongs the birthday fun!) Overall a nice birthday, if an uneventful one.

I feel bad because Brubeck’s been crated up a lot recently. Maybe I will take him for a walk when I get home tonight, even if that does promise to be really difficult (he’s still got the puppy energy, but he has a full-grown body so that makes for a lot of craziness). I can’t wait until he mellows out because then he will literally be the perfect doggie. He obeys me pretty well, but at times he just gets soooo worked up and he’s hard to physically control because he weighs roughly half what I do. I wish he realized that, because my insides do not appreciate when he jumps on me like when he was a 10 lb puppy.

Scott and I have finally finished painting the back bathroom. We’ve decided that our goal of having the house painted by the end of summer was a tad too ambitious. We’ll do what we can, but it will likely take the rest of the year. It’s better to paint when it’s cooler outside because the brutal heat makes painting that much more strenuous. It’s seriously amazing to see what kind of effects a little paint can have.