What with money being in short supply as of late, I don’t really do a lot of shopping. However, I saw this really cute shirt at Old Navy that I swore to myself I would buy if it went on sale. It finally did, and I bought it, and for about a 1/3 of what I would have paid for it if I had just jumped at it when I first saw it.

It rocks to be at work with no boss! When the cat’s away, the mice will do their stats homework! Couple that with a 4-day workweek (you get your birthday off with pay) and I am so freakin’ stoked! I’m taking Friday off, sleepin’ in, getting a massage (I have birthday money, a student discount AND a $10 off coupon…how can I not?!) and then who knows what. I kind of want to go to the pool, too, as I did last year on my birthday. I have absolutely no color and that needs to change.

One of my best friends moved back home for good yesterday. It’s so weird to see her go. I guess I’ll be planning a trip to Turkey in the next couple years.

This entry brought to you by the letters “pointless” and “boring” and the number 0.