Feeling tired and run-down is one thing. Looking it is quite another. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night (and that’s a generous estimate) and yesterday was so exhausting. I worked like a freaking dog until I had to leave at 1:30 for an eye appointment, a dentist appointment and then to get my hair re-colored (it’s been about 4 months and it really, really needed it). My eye appointment was perhaps the worst I’ve ever had. I fucking refuse to ever go back. My appointment was at 2:00 and I wasn’t seen by the doctor until after 3:00. My dentist appointment was at 3:30, so I was freaking out. I waited over an hour to spend less than 5 MINUTES with the eye doctor. I have never, ever waited that long for the eye doctor, nor have I ever spent so little time with one. He had absolutely no personality either.They dilated my eyes w/o telling me first (thanks, fuckers) so I had to call Scott to drive me to the dentist. If you live in Tuscaloosa, do yourself a favor and don’t go to Tuscaloosa Opthamology/Riverside Optical. Nevermind that every phone interaction I had with them was very negative (i.e., put on hold for 5 minutes at a time, receptionists were rude and condescending). I need new glasses and contacts but I’m going to get them at Target/Walmart/anywhere but there. I so wish I could have gone to my old eye doctor because his staff is so nice and he is a really good eye doctor. It’s almost worth it to go to him (as an out of network provider), pay up front and then get reimbursed later.

I wish my boss would just call already so that I can fax this stuff to him (he’s in Montgomery) so that I can leave!!!! Ugh, I’m so tired of working this week (and I even had a 3-day workweek, but it feels like 30 days).