I went a whole week w/o updating. Inconceivable!!

My allergies are waging war on me and I don’t particularly want to be here today. My nose is really sort of runny and I can’t stop sneezing. I think I slept OK last night, seeing as how I fell asleep before 10 (please, hold off on the Geritol and Ben-Gay care packages).

The trip to Missouri was mostly uneventful. We discovered that our doggie has tapeworms (ughhghghg) and so we need to get on that pronto. We hung out a lot w/ Mike, which was a ton of fun. He wants to leave SF and move back to Columbia. They talked about starting up a law practice, which I think would be pretty cool. I just want Scott to have a job that he likes. I’m pretty sure I could get a job in the area, either at UM or at one of the smaller colleges in the area. I had a little mishap when we were shooting off fireworks and now I have skinned up hands like some 10-year-old. I also got eaten alive by mosquitos and I have these huge welts all over my torso. Lovely. I sprayed OFF on my arms, legs, feet, neck, but didn’t think they would make the effort to get up in my clothes. I was so, so wrong.

This weekend should be relatively uneventful. I have some stats homework to do and I’m going to a wedding. Other than that I may actually get to relax.