Yay for:

Killing time at a technology conference and getting to play around on a Mac.
In about 6 hours from now, I’ll be headed to Missouri.
Not having to get up ungodly early this morning (6:15 instead of 5:20)
Not having to be back in the office until July 5th

Boo for:
A situation I will talk about in a little bit
Starting a day earlier than I expected
Not really having a whole lot of money so that I could feed myself on this upcoming trip

My ex-bf is one shady bastard. Seriously. The apt we lived in together a couple years ago has an automatically renewing lease, and when it was due for re-up last June, I figured that he would just move out, since my name was still on the lease and it was way too much space for one person. He didn’t. He let the lease renew and then moved out and let some people I know move in A) Without telling me and B) Without going through the proper channels (i.e., properly subleasing it through the front office). I only found this out because I was going to visit this friend of mine and she gave me her address and I was like, “Hey, that’s my old place.” Come to find out they were living there under my name. I got a call back in April from the front office saying they would need 30 days’ notice if I was going to end my lease at the end of June this year. I put in the paperwork and gave my notice of intent to vacate and all that good stuff. Doing the right thing, y’know. Fast fwd to a few days ago and I get a voicemail from the front office lady (who was so freaking annoying, nosy and obnoxious) saying that they had not received keys yet and said that there would be a key charge and that they would continue to charge rent, yadda yadda. So I call Sara (the girl) in a panic and she assured me that her husband had given him the keys to turn in, but that he hadn’t done it yet. Ugh. So then I get another call yesterday while I’m in sessions and it’s the front office (AGAIN) saying that he went in to turn the keys in and claimed that HE should get the deposit, not me because he said he paid it. Uh, right.  I am going to make sure that the front office charges him an extra days’ rent so that he gets back as little as possible. I seriously had NOT missed putting up w/ his bullshit. I told the office to let him have it, but did make sure to add “I don’t want for you guys to get involved in one of his little temper tantrums. It’s sooo not worth it,” and I think the girl understood exactly what I meant. I’m sure he made an ass of himself up there, and once again, I come out clean. Heh, heh. What a tool.