I spent over three hours last night working on my stats assignment that’s due tonight by 8:05. I’ve yet to really finish it and up until about an hour ago I had no idea what the HELL I was doing. I predict another marathon sprint  from 4:46 to 8:04 tonight to get this f-ing thing finished. Luckily this class has only 3 assignments. Any more, on top of all 6 assignments from my other stats class would drive me insane. I keep telling myself that by doing this, I am completing 20% of my M.A., and by the end of the calendar year I will have completed half of it (hopefully by next summer I will be totally through w/ it and can refocus on my Ph.D. work!) I’m going to do my best to get all my stuff done by my birthday so that I can coast the rest of the summer and just work and go to the pool and relax (and paint), rather than slave over assignments and online lectures.

I am really excited about our trip up to Columbia. I really want to get the hell out of here for a few days and we will have a lot of fun hanging out w/ Mike (who’s flying in from SF) and generally doing nothing. Hopefully I can refrain from spending a lot of money so that I don’t come back totally broke!