So I decided to go to Pilates yesterday during my lunch hour. It felt really good but today I’m just a bit sore/stiff. I really feel it in my obliques and abs, so something tells me I oughta go back since obviously they need a little work!

I got an e-mail yesterday from a friend I haven’t seen in almost 2 years. It was nice to catch up and I think we will hang out this weekend since she will be here in town. Despite my insane schedule, I’d like to be at least somewhat sociable. I have a stats assignment due tomorrow that I (theoretically) could have turned in last week but kept putting off. Now that means I have to go home tonight and do it. Boooo!

I got paid today, so now I need to divvy up all my $$ so that I can 1) Pay back my aunt and uncle 2) Start whittling down my credit card 3)Pay my bills and eat. At first I thought getting paid biweekly would be cool but I’m beginning to see that it’s not! Hopefully once I get a raise (next few months) things will be a little less tight for me.

Oooh, just got a really nice e-mail from boss #2 (whose program isn’t currently paying part of my salary). The more of those I get, the more hopeful I am that I will be paid beaucoup bucks in the near future. Let’s hope, anyways…