Because there are ALWAYS complete freaking idiots out there to make you feel better about yourself. The follow was an e-mail exchange between myself (H), and two other persons S and L(S’s boss):

H: S, Thanks so much for taking care of this [getting nametags made]. Attached are the lists for both the general group and the reception attendees.

S (to L): L, we need nametags

L (to H): Are you making nametags or are we?

S (to L): We are.

Duh….This person L is a complete freaking idiot and it frightens me that she actually obtained a Ph.D.  She must have bought it at KMart.

If my boss stays on the phone awhile, I’m coasting out early!

ETA: Since then they’ve completely dropped the ball and made a bunch of lame-ass excuses, so now I’m the one who has to do it (and we’re the ones paying for them). So freaking typical…