This weekend was certainly entertaining if nothing else. A few highlights:

  • I have become a shameless IKEA addict. I spent nearly $70 there. Sigh.
  • I had a celebrity sighting outside my hotel’s bar. OMG squee! I smiled at him, he smiled at me, then he walked off w/ his bodyguard. Too bad I didn’t have my camera or something.
  • Scott and I went salsa dancing for the first time. We had a great time. The club we went to was partially cordoned off for a private party. It didn’t take us too long to realize it was a bachelor party, given the half dozen scantily (and identically) clad women bumping and grinding. It was shockingly comical. Luckily they left after about 10:30 so then we could dance and have fun.
  • I had the best Ethiopian food I’ve ever had at a place called Moya in Decatur. So. Damn. Gooooood.
  • I made it from Tuscaloosa to Atlanta in less than 3 hours on Friday afternoon. I don’t know how, but I guarantee you it wasn’t because I was speeding.

Here are some of my finds at IKEA. That place is so amazing. Duvet cover Drawer organizers Knife set

I really wanted this nightstand, but they were out. I may order it online when I get paid again or whenever we make it back to Atlanta.

Overall, a very fun weekend, and despite my shopping trip, not a very expensive one.