Today was nuts at work. I got in around 7:20 and left at the usual time. I took a slightly longer lunch (about 10 minutes longer) because I had to go home to let Brubeck out. Even still, that’s a hell of a lot of working. I had a meeting at 11 in preparation for a conference call that I didn’t participate in because it was during my lunch hour and, hey, I’m not giving up my lunch hour when I’m paid so little. I deserve twice what I’m making, and I hope they realize this sooner rather than later. I like what I do and I feel like I do a good job, but it gets frustrating when I see how little it makes me. It would be so nice to pay off my credit card, stick some money back in savings and generally have some financial flexibility. Upon reflection, however, I know no matter how much I make, it’ll never be enough.

Tomorrow I work a half day before booking out to Atlanta for the weekend. I’m really excited. Apparently the hotel we’re staying at is for young hipster couples, which sounds really awesome. The reviews I read of it were in one of two camps: 1) Persons such as myself and Scott who loved it or 2) Families that absolutely hated it. There’s a restaurant inside called Bed where people eat in, well, beds. I don’t think we can afford to eat there, but I at least want to walk in and see the place. It sounds too funny to be true! If it’s really that cool I may post some pics.

Scott and I are on the front page of the CW, for those of you in the Tuscaloosa area. We’re mid-spin during our salsa lesson this past Tuesday. We look like ever the happy couple. Unfortunately it’s not on the website.