I dropped Scott off at the airport this morning. I know it’s going to suck w/ him being gone, but it hasn’t really hit me yet since I’ve been at work since 10 and I’ve talked to him 3 times since I dropped him off at 9:00. He’s coming back Monday, so it’s not like it’s forever, but this is tied for first on the “longest we’ve ever been apart” list and it’s the first time that he’s left me. In a way, it’s good because I can just do whatever whenever because I don’t feel as much incentive to get home/stay home/etc. I’m hanging out w/ some friends tonight and helping a friend of mine paint. Tomorrow I may do some more painting on my own (finish the bar and start working on the bathroom) and whatever else I feel like. Saturday I can finish up painting and maybe take care of some of this research worked I’ve been promising to get done for over a month now. Ha ha. I’m taking Utz and Elizabeth and the kids to the Atlanta airport on Sunday for their flight to Sweden (lucky ducks!), so all in all, I have a very full weekend.

Work today wasn’t bad because a) I had stuff to do and b) It wasn’t too much stuff to do. I managed to weasel my way out of going over to other boss’ office, so it made for a much easier day for me. I’ve accomplished a huge amount of stuff today and I don’t feel like everything’s weighing on me anymore.

I really can’t wait until I’m unbroke. As it is I’m debating scrounging up loose change to treat myself to a little Taco Bell as a late afternoon snack. My lunch today was less than substantial and I’m so feeling it now. I think I may zoom out in 15 minutes or so, if I think I’ll get away with it. Heh, heh.