So this week was going ok until yesterday afternoon. I spent all Thursday morning with basically very little to do. Boring. I wished for something to do. I got my wish and then some. I was completely and utterly overwhelmed and I came about thisclose to losing my cool at work. Very, very bad. I was so frustrated and felt like I wasn’t making anybody happy, which is kryptonite to me. I need to figure a way to balance both of my bosses so that a) They both get what they need and b) I’m not running back and forth every day. I of course don’t want to antagonize either of them, but I feel like I’m being asked to do things that I don’t really need to be doing. Just my opinion.  Then this morning I found yet another shit paycheck. What the hell, mate? It sucks being broke and I can’t deal with being like that for much longer. I’ve cut down my expenses as much as I possibly can. My other boss said yesterday that he wants to raise my salary by $8-10K /year. Uh, that would be fabulous, thanks! Not sure when that would happen, but it can’t come soon enough.    And….back to work!