It’s been increasingly difficult for me to wake up before 7 lately. I am not sure why that is. I’ve been going to sleep fairly early ,10:30 or so, but I continue to hit snooze when the buzzer goes off at 6:45/6:50. I think it’s just laziness. I had an awkward-as-hell incident yesterday at work. I was over in big boss’ office helping him out w/ some stuff and his wife called. He put her on speakerphone (asking her, of course) and they proceeded to discuss something. I wasn’t listening because I was proofreading something. Suddenly they started getting into it and I was RIGHT THERE. What the hell?! He did have the courtesy to finally pick up the phone when things got really intense, but still. I don’t want to be involved in anyone else’s issues and I was seriously uncomfortable being there. Argh. Why can’t private matters be, uh…private? Scott and I made an awesome dinner last night….basmati rice (with the cloves, cinnamon, etc.), gobi manchurian, raita and some readymade baigan bharta. So freaking good! I’m actually looking forward to leftovers.  Here’s me pretending to work.