I had rather a weird encounter last night. Scott, Scott’s friend Gary and I were taking a walk last night around 8 on the Riverwalk and we saw a cat. The cat stood there and meowed at us and I lured him/her/it over to me and checked it out. It was a pretty yellow kitty that had a small little body but a HUGE puffy tail. It also had its rabies vacc. tag on and was blind in one eye. So sad. We walked around the park and it followed us everywhere. I’ve never walked a cat before and it was a most interesting experience. The more we hung out with it the more we realized it was just a kitty that had lost its home and was perfectly sweet and everything. We managed to get it home and we let it live in a carrier all night (after feeding it and whatnot). We called the vet’s office that was on the tag and they’re trying to contact the owner so that we can return him. I sure as hell hope that they didn’t just abandon the kitty because then we’ll have to take him to the shelter, and I don’t want to do that. A cat with a disability isn’t going to make it very long, and I’m sure TMAS will probably just euthanize kitty the second we drop it off. I hope that the owners call Scott ASAP.

My weekend was relatively fun. I took another trip to the Junior League Thrift Store where I came out with some amazing stuff for around $17, including a BCBG Max Azria shirt for $2. Yay! I went to Chattanooga Saturday night and came back last night and actually had a really good time. My sister and I bought her a nice TV, and I think she was happy with it. She’s very hard to shop for, so I think we did good.

I kind of wish I had taken another shower this morning, rather than one last night. I smell like a hipster.