I really hope I can get through the next couple weeks. Work is getting crazy and I am caught in the middle of a power struggle/pissing contest (depending on the day) and it makes for an uneasy and awkward workday. I have one boss (who’s higher up) telling me one thing and then a lower boss (who has more direct contact with me) telling me another and they’re both trying to supersede one another and I honestly have no idea what the hell I’m doing or who I’m doing it for.

I also had an incident from yesterday that I’m still puzzling over. So I had to attend a meeting to be there, give feedback and take some notes on what went on. At the beginning of the meeting the head of the center (big boss) sent me out to get coffee for everyone. WTF?! I thought that ceased to be appropriate about 20 years ago and it really shocked me because I expected academics to be just a little more progressive than that. I talked to Sue and she acknowledged that it was weird and that I was OK to be a bit pissed about it, but she also said the because of the generation gap that I would take offense to it more than she would. I have no idea what I’ll do if they ask me to do it again or make a habit of it. Once in a while, I wouldn’t mind doing it, but it’s NOT MY JOB and they shouldn’t pretend that it is. I don’t think it’s a gender thing because apparently he asks his GA to do the same, but it still was unsettling.

Don’t get me wrong: I work with some really first rate people. I think all of this will resolve itself over time and I may just be more sensitive to it since I’ve got more than I can handle on my plate right now. Once things calm down it’ll be a lot easier to deal with.