I’ve managed to get one major project finished (my BER 632 project) and I’m halfway through writing a paper for my French film class…in French. This has got to be seriously sharpening my language skills. Now I just need to finish it and pack for NOLA since I’m leaving in less than 36 hours. Oh hell! Where did the time go? The week after I get back is going to suck because I have three major assignments due the next week and there’s no way that I would be able to get them all done in one weekend. Let me clarify, there’s no way I could get them done in one weekend and be sane enough to talk about it afterwards. This whole juggling two jobs thing while taking 3 grad classes is totally, utterly frying my brain. I forgot how to spell “color” just a few minutes ago. If my English is that bad I don’t even want to think about my French. It could be painful. I’ve been kind of flaky at work the past couple days, but I’m sure all the boring seminars and training sessions have something to do with it. I spent over three hours today in Benefits Enrollment (yawwwwwwwn) and then the entire afternoon (3 hours) in a really poorly done training session for the “new” computer system. I really feel like they could have saved 2 hours and 50 minutes of my time by handing me all the handouts and booklets and saying “OK, go play.” The servers kept going down and since I don’t yet have my access token, I had to depend on someone else to continually log me back in after things went crazy. I’m so f-ing sick of these stupid training sessions, but they’re mandatory so I can’t do anything about it other than just sit through them in order to certify that I did, indeed, attend them. No big deal. I think things will be much easier once I have access and can do all this stuff myself.

LOL. I just thought it was Wednesday and I freaked out because I thought I had missed bellydancing. Perhaps it’s time for me to just go to bed.