So I have a great many things to do and get accomplished by various deadlines. What do I do instead? Update, of course! My dad came today for a visit and it was a lot of fun. We had lunch, had dessert at the German bakery (black forest cake-gasm!), hung out w/ the puppy dog a bit, drove around some Tuscaloosa area landmarks, and then looked at pictures from my various trips. Brubeck really, really liked my dad. Now I feel like just hanging out and generally enjoying myself. So sue me.

Next week should prove to be interesting because I’ll be doing very little work. I’m going through orientation on Monday and doing benefits enrollment on Tuesday, then going to a training session Tuesday afternoon (I had to get a sub…yay!). Luckily I’m in all day on Wednesday, so I can get a lot accomplished before I jet off on Thursday morning for NOLA. Yay! Monday, I have no class but I’m teaching 4 students back to back (for a total of two and a half hours). I have one student on Tuesday evenings that I teach, but I’m so happy that I don’t have to schlep out to Huntington to teach. It’ll be nice to save those 50-something miles worth of gas.

I think I accidentally got three Luna bars for free at Target. Ooops.