I feel like this is going to be a long day. I’ve yet to actually talk to my boss although I know he’s here…somewhere. I feel like I should be “doing” something. I have plenty to do, but it’s more in my own interest (organizing, refiling, etc.) I had one minor project to do yesterday that I completed in record time (before I left @ 2:15), much to his delight, I’m sure. I’m trying to get a sub to teach for me next Tuesday because I HAVE to go through training for some part of our finance stuff. Of course I didn’t tell her that…I said I had an appointment. Yes, it’s bad to lie, but it’s worse to have to deal with her. No way in HELL am I giving her my work #. That’s just asking for it.

Ok, back to work and then to the Health Center for another B12 shot. Huzzah!