So, my first day of my new job. I think this will be a very good fit for me. I did a LOT of organizing/cleaning around my office. I’m looking to rid myself of at least two pieces of furniture, possibly more. I had to get my A/C fixed (a window unit…how crap) so I am going to be a bit toasty for the next few days, but at least my computers work and my printers do too. I should be getting a nameplate for my door, which is sort of cool. My boss is so, SO nice. He’s offering to buy paint and help paint my office, get my carpet cleaned, and get me a whole new computer. I think I’m in good with him (he is, among many things, a lawyer) because I was carrying Scott’s “Westlaw” mug into work today and he saw it and had a fit. He also asked me a lot about my teaching job, which is cool. He’s really personable and I feel like we’ll get along.

Sue told me a lot of stuff about Dr. Bishop, the guy who started the whole UASA, who died this past fall. What I didn’t know is that he died just down the hall from my office. Yeah. He actually dropped dead in my co-worker Edward’s office, on his way into the mail room. I was under the impression that he had died at home or something. I had NO idea that he’d actually died at the University, though he wasn’t pronounced dead until he was at DCH. The whole story is so sad, and a lot of people I work with are still taking it pretty hard, most especially my boss.

My 3:30 student didn’t bother to show up, which pissed me off because I so could have done some more work  (i.e., get paid more) and they didn’t even bother to call. Urgh. I taught my 4:00 student early and then went back to work for half an hour and then to class from 5-8. I just got home a few minutes ago. 12 hour days are NOT cool. I anticipate the next few days will be rough because of all the juggling I’ll be doing and all the organizational stuff that HAS to be done before I can really get to working. That being said, my workplace is really, really laidback so I don’t anticipate sh*t getting too crazy.