So…this morning Scott and I decide it would be fun to walk to the bakery for some goodies (like we did last Saturday) and then we decide to walk from there to the Strip where his car was from last night. He met some students of his for general hanging out and I was the D.D. We get there (2 mile walk) and his car isn’t there. Apparently where he was parked just started towing people this week if they parked overnight. My question is: What in the hell was he supposed to do?! Drive drunk? I don’t think Tuscaloosa needs anymore of that than it already has. The cost to get his car back? $160. Re-freaking-diculous. The reason it was so high (and I blame it on the lot, not the towing company) is that they insisted on towing his car at 1AM rather than wait until the morning and then he had to go fetch his car on a Saturday, which was also an extra whack. From here on out we are refusing to patronize any of the businesses at the “University Town Center,” which means no Bad Ass, no Qdoba, no Coldstone, and I am probably going to cancel my mailbox (because I’m paying a shitload for it and there’s no reason to have it any more) because the UPS store is in the same plaza. If they’re going to penalize people that severely for doing the responsible thing, I don’t think I should be giving them my money. I don’t blame the towing company in this case, because even if there is no “overnight parking,” 1 AM is a bit pre-emptive. It’s not like there’s a parking problem any other time except for during the weekday lunch hour. Certainly not on a Saturday morning. Why would they never tow people who parked illegally when I couldn’t get in to check my mailbox or go buy a cup of coffee?

I got sort of sunburned in the process, just on my arms, so I hope that clears up by tomorrow.