Today was, overall, pretty good. I managed to knock not one, not two, but THREE things off my “To Do before end of semester” list that I have conveniently situated on my desktop (so that it can’t be ignored/forgotten). I submitted my AESA proposal, finished my FR680 Powerpoint and found out I don’t have to turn in a full transcription for my final project in BER 632. Rock on! By the end of the month I hope to have fewer than 4 items left. I’ve knocked 4 off already and I have 8 left, some of which are pretty substantial (hello, 8 page research paper in my French film class and two book reviews for BEF 641).  Even still, if I make slow and steady progress I’ll be ok. I may shoot to eliminate 2 items this weekend, seeing as how I start working on Monday (!) and I know I’ll be busy. I’m dreading having to juggle two jobs and classes, but it’s only for a few weeks. Right. When I get a relatively sweet paycheck on April 28th, I’ll be glad I did it.

I rectified the money situation by a)Hawking some CDs and DVDs at Oz and Replays and b) My sister generously loaned me $50. I went grocery shopping to buy enough food for me to last off of for two weeks (I’m going to feed myself for under $30) and I filled up my tank since I’m driving to Granny’s on Sunday and will definitely need gas. Now I’m set. As long as I can eat and have enough gas to get me to work/class, I’m cool. I need to see about getting my bike fixed, because I’d like the chance to bike places that aren’t too far away (downtown, Winn-Dixie, the park) rather than waste gas. I’ve heard talk of gas hitting the $4/gal mark sometime this summer, and I think a bike would help lessen the blow.

As much as getting shots every day sucks, I must say that I have a lot more energy and strength than I’ve had for a long time. I think the iron pills are helping. When I went grocery shopping today I checked every label to see how much (if any) B12 and iron everything had. I had some good finds, including some 4 cheese Hot Pockets w/ 20% of your daily quota of B12.  It’s kind of embarrasing to hear people say, “Oh yeah, my grandma had to go get B12 shots.” I feel like a pathetic old lady. I’ve completely eliminated tea because I’ve read in a number of places that tea leeches iron and B12 from your system, so I hope that helps keep me normal.