I finally, after much procrastination, got my air conditioner fixed. I went through one summer sweating bullets in my car and I had no intention of enduring another. It ended up costing a whole lot less than I had anticipated. Then I got a call from my supervisor that my meeting w/ her at 11:30 had been canceled. (This is me being surprised…)

I got a call from an admin person in the College of Education….I got the job!!!! Not only that, but they negotiated a slightly higher salary for me, they’ll be flexible w/ my schedule until my contract is up and I have a chance for a raise and promotion in the next few months or so. I am very, very happy. I called Scott but he’s ass-deep in moot court rounds now w/ his students, so I just left him a vague “Hey, baby, call me as soon as you get a chance, ok?” message. I then called my mom, who was very, very happy for me. I should call my dad next, because in the next few weeks he’ll get to take me off his insurance. It’ll be so strange having my own insurance and stuff. Yet another step in becoming a “big girl,” so to speak. So I’m pretty freaking giddy right now. I did call to cancel my 2:00 interview w/ the law firm in town, because I anticipate that their benefits package won’t be able to touch the University’s, and I doubt they’ll pay for most of my tuition, either. All in all, it seems to me to be a very good arrangement for me.