So apparently my mom has this grand idea that I have a bunch of really strong, muscular friends that will be more than happy to move my washer and dryer out of Utz’s basement and into a pick-up truck (!) that she rented to take them to Chattanooga with her. Even if I did have a bunch of burly friends, it’s April, which means everyone and their dog are busy right now. I wish she would have just sprung for a tiny U-Haul or something (even a trailer)so that this won’t be any more difficult than it already is. I just sent her an e-mail that basically said, “You need to rent a ramp or a dolly.” I figure that a couple people can lift a dryer OK, but washers are a whole different animal, and a very heavy animal at that. I’m also concerned about the whole “driving a washer and dryer in the bed of a pickup for over 3 hours” thing. Is that safe? Will that even work?! The whole plan seems a bit shady to me.

I think I’m getting better. My fever stayed down below 100 most of yesterday and I actually left the house on two different occasions. I quarantined myself in class so that I wouldn’t infect other people, and it made for a lonely time. People tend to forget you’re back there, so when things get passed around, you lose out. I found out that some of my classmates from another class are equally baffled as to what in the hell we’re supposed to be doing most of the time. Major communication issues. I think a lot of people are frustrated with it, and rightfully so. There is absolutely no way that you can get ahead in that class because she’s deciding what to do sometimes 2-3 days before class (which also doesn’t go over well). Sometimes I am in a position to do a little extra work and it’s nice to be a little ahead of the curve so that when things get crazy you’re already taken care of. I am not taking the 3rd class in the sequence this next fall because I want to give her time to iron out the kinks before I subject myself to another class like that. I hate to say it, but this time she isn’t getting a very good review, not even from me.