I feel absolutely like utter shite. I’ve had a 101+ fever since yesterday afternoon and it doesn’t really respond to Advil too well. I took two Advil (and a looooong nap) and the lowest I could get it was 99.4 (which for me is quite high since I usually run 97.0-97.8). It then proceeded to spike up again before the Advil even had time to wear off!! I have almost no appetite, no energy and I just want to get under the covers and cry and whine (which is basically what I did for 30 minutes last night after going to class…that wasn’t a good idea). I feel awful because I had planned to go visit my mom tomorrow and hang out and help her set up her laptop, but if I continue to feel like this, no WAY will I feel like a 3 hour drive. I called her today to update her and she seemed ok with it, but I felt like she was a little disappointed. She was going to make such a good lunch for me,too, and I’m going to miss it.

I didn’t do anything today. Big surprise. I missed class and stayed in bed all day. Oh, what fun.