Job interview went really well. I felt pretty at ease and felt like I was able to make a good impression. The job sounds pretty cool, albeit low-paying (at first). Really, I won’t be taking home any more than I already do, but I get benefits, sick/vacation leave and a chance for advancement, which my current job (or should I say jobs?) doesn’t offer. I looked really cute in a cream-colored Bandolino suit (jacket and knee-length skirt) with a baby-blue linen shell underneath and my Nine West heels that look sort of like black and tan saddle shoes. I did a little extra to my hair so that it wasn’t its usual unruly self and did just a little more makeup than usual. I feel like I looked very professional and put together, and I’m sure hoping they noticed. Of course, I hope they don’t expect me to look like that every DAY if I do get the job. At one point I mentioned my asthma/allergies (because I’m soooo congested/sore throated/miserable today) and one of the interviewers said, “Well, if the air in your office bothers you, we’ll be happy to provide a portable air filter for you. We like to include rather than exclude.” Am I overreacting when I think that’s a good sign?

The only downside is that I wouldn’t be allowed to be a research assistant. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, it might be nice to work in an office whose work is very, very closely related to my own (it’s within the College of Education). On the other hand, I worry that I might lose valuable experience by not being a GRA. I think I may need to talk to Heather (my current Research Supervisor) and see what she thinks and how strongly she was planning on me working for her next year. Fact is, I can’t survive on less than $1000/month, so if I didn’t get this job and decided to be a R.A., I would have to still find another part-time job to get me by. Yesterday I realized that my credit card balance is waaay out of control, so I froze that sucker in a Ziploc bag filled with water. It was the only way, I think. It may seem a bit extreme, but I think I need to get serious about paying off the balance. I went to some debt calculator yesterday and figured out that it will take nearly a year and a half to pay off my current balance, if I pay around $150/month. Yeah, that’s a problem!

So anyways, I’m hoping to hear something in a few days, either way. If I don’t get the job, then my decision is made for me (ergo, easier). If I do get it, I have some tough choices to make. The good thing is I do get one class/semester paid for and I get half price tuition after that, so I still could take 2 or 3 classes/semester and still work. Something to ponder…