So I’m just now getting around to fixing my brakes, since I found out last month they needed some work, but didn’t quite have an extra $200 floating around. The dealership should be calling me in the next hour or so and they’ll come get me. I’m hoping it’s about what they said it would be and not some ridiculous amount (a la last month). At first I was worried that I wouldn’t get stuff done today, but then I checked on WebCT and found out tonight’s class is cancelled. I really couldn’t be happier, considering I’m sick, I have stuff to do, and there was a discrepancy about the readings. When I get my car back I may run out to do some quick shopping (there’s a skirt at Parisian I want and I need to find what I’m getting my mom for her birthday). I’m really proud of myself for sticking to my budget and not spending beyond my means. Balancing my checkbook on a regular basis really seems to help, because I’m more aware of what I’m spending and how much I spend. Sometimes reality hurts, but if it keeps me from overdrawing, I’m all for it.