I feel like I’m getting better, even if my nose is still sort of runny/congested. My head isn’t hurting, I’m not coughing a lot, not achy, have some energy, etc. I’m actually in the office now trying to get stuff done before a 12:00 meeting, so that’s progress. I have a massage appointment at 1:30 today (yay!) so maybe that will help me feel better. Even a 1/2 hour massage (which is all I have time or money for) will be nice.

I got an e-mail from a friend today that I haven’t talked to really (like in person/on the phone) in over a year. Is it bad that I’m slightly suspicious?

Yesterday, I took a test online that was supposed to be a life expectancy calculator. I’m supposed to live to 102. I hope it’s right!

Ok, enough fooling around, I need to get working…