I am really headin’ downhill fast. On a scale of 1-10, on Friday I was a 6, Saturday I was about a 5, and today I’m about a 3. I am so freaking congested and my head is just throbbing. I made the not-so-wise decision to go to the UA-UF basketball game (Roll Tide!) and halfway through the 2nd I just had to leave. Clapping felt like someone tapdancing on my temples and there were a lot of loud people directly behind me (that somehow thought it was appropriate to put their feet in the chair next to mine…grr). That didn’t help. This idiot was yelling such marvelous gems like, “Man, that’s statutory rape goin’ on out there!” (I don’t think he knows what that really means, although given his crude behavior, he may have engaged in it at some point in time) and “Oh, look at the freak! (a player from UF with a short ponytail) D’ya think they’d let him play for the women’s team, too?” After hearing that I knew I had to get out of there. I went home and stayed in bed for nearly 2 hours before finally getting up and eating something. I could do a few abstracts, but I’m so sick and out of my mind. Not happenin’. I’ve already cancelled my lessons for tomorrow so I’ll have plenty of time to get stuff done before class at 5 PM. I just hope I’m better by Tuesday because there’s no backing out of my teaching obligations for that day.