Things have been sort of crazy lately for me. I feel like there’s really no time for me to do what I want. I have been socializing only on a limited basis, and honestly, I’m not really feeling it lately. It’s not like I’m misanthropic or anything, I just want to do what I want on my terms. And I really want to freaking quit my job. I’ve applied even more places. Something has to give sometime. I’ve sent out resumes and references like crazy, drafted nearly a dozen cover letters and I’ve been checking online almost every day for new leads. It sucks because I’m so afraid I’ll get a job offer and then not get it because I have to start ASAP or something. I’m locked into my teaching job until mid-May, or at least I think so. I honestly wonder how hard it would be for me to get a little bit of flexibility at the beginning until I’m out of my teaching responsibilities and then kick in full time. I guess if someone really wants me to work for them, they might be willing to bend a little. Or maybe I’ll luck out and they won’t need me until May or so. Either way, I’d be happy.

I transcribed part of the interview that I did the other day and it’s just awesome and full of data. I am hoping she’ll assign us to interview some other people because I want to use this project to get together something for AESA in November and I have to have my proposal turned in by the end of April and have the final paper turned in by the beginning of October. This year’s conference theme involves multicultural education and identity construction, so basically, as long as my proposal/paper doesn’t suck, I should get a chance to present, which means the University would pay for me to fly out to Spokane for a few days. Sweet.

Scott and I finalized our Spring Break plans. We’re flying to San Francisco the morning of March 18th and then coming back I think late on the 24th. We’re staying with his friend Mike and I am so pumped because I’ve never been to San Francisco (or Cali for that matter) and I know it’s going to kick ass. Anyone who’s been have suggestions on what to do/where to go/where to eat???